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In the nearest future, in July, we will prepare a detailed description of the topic, in which we will talk about a system that will save game values and characters on Valhalla-age forever.

10 June 2017
  • Be sure to update your game files through updater to enter the game, or download and install the new patch from the "Play now" section.

    19 September 2017
  • Technical work on all servers will last approximately until tomorrow's lunch.
    The servers will be unavailable at least until 08.09.2017, approximately until 12:00 (GMT+3).

    07 September 2017
  • On this Thursday (07.09.2017) approximatly at 09:00 (CEST) all Valhalla-Age's servers will be unavailable.

    At this moment server will be under technical maintenance in regard of merging server to Midgard x5.

    06 September 2017